Ukrainian education in emergency

Ukrainian Education in Emergency

Millions of Ukrainian children interrupted their education and moved to a safer place abroad after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Thousands of schools have suffered bombing and shelling and hundreds have been destroyed completely.

This website is created for ministries of education, international education managers, and teachers to help our children adjust to new schools and curriculums in foreign countries. Here you can find a brief description of the Ukrainian education system and typical school curriculums.

We are grateful for your support of Ukraine and our children!

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Higher Education

The state International Ukrainian School (IUS) operates for Ukrainians living abroad. The training takes place in an external mode by passing the annual assessment, and final state examination when mastering the program independently. Download a file and learn more about the IUS partner countries and schools.



The most common learning options for school students from Ukraine are the following.

Option 1. If a school in Ukraine, where the children used to study in, has already organized distance learning, it is necessary to recommend students to join it. Parents should contact this educational institution.

It is advisable to create favourable conditions for maintaining contact with the educational institution and teachers – if possible, provide students with access to digital devices and high-speed Internet to join online classes and/or to complete tasks.

Option 2. In case the contact with the Ukrainian educational institution and its teachers is lost, Ukrainian students and their parents are recommended:

to contact the educational authority of their community, city or region for information about the school that provides distance or externship learning, and to address this school for enrollment/transfer of the child in order to continue or complete their studies;

until the studies at the new educational institution begin, it is advisable to create favourable conditions to continue studies using e-learning resources from Ukraine, in particular, the All-Ukrainian Online School and the All-Ukrainian Online Schedule – if possible provide students with access to digital devices and high-speed Internet to access Ukrainian e-learning resources.

Such learning can be organized as a self-study or with the involvement of volunteers, coordinators, teachers from Ukraine who temporarily reside abroad, and also by setting up classes and/or groups in educational institutions in the host country.

Option 3. Parents of school students can also apply to the International Ukrainian School (IUS) either directly or through one of the IUS partner organizations to get their children enrolled and involve them in distance learning.

Studies will be conducted according to Ukrainian state standards and educational programs, and graduation certificates will be issued by the International Ukrainian School (IUS).

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In order to organize the educational process in a distance mode in the most convenient way, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine jointly with partners has launched the All-Ukrainian online schedule.

The interactive schedule includes links to materials from various resources (All-Ukrainian online school, TV lessons, textbooks, etc.) for all subjects according to the curriculum and is being updated weekly.

The online schedule for students of grades 1-11 is based on an interactive Google calendar available for everyone in real-time.

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The children can use any online resources for group or individual activities, first of all the website and app (Google Play, App Store, App Gallery) of the All-Ukrainian Online School, where all educational materials for school children of grades 5-11 are placed.

The All-Ukrainian Online School is a state free e-platform for distance and blended learning of school students of grades 5-11 and methodical support for teachers. The platform offers video lessons, tests and materials for 18 basic school subjects. The lessons on the e-platform include an interesting short video, a synopsis of the main questions of theory, tasks, schemes and maps, and testing tasks for self-examination. Every topic has a final test, allowing to track progress in learning.

Ukrainian Language, Literature, Biology and Ecology, Geography, History, Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Art, Law, Physics, Chemistry, English as well as classes for other subjects are available 24/7 from any device and any location.

In addition, in martial law, Ukrainian distance schools provide free access to learning. Details are here.

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Yes, Methodological materials on the organization of distance and blended learning on the basis of the All-Ukrainian Online School have been developed and translated into English, French, German, Italian, Hungarian and Romanian.

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The All-Ukrainian Online Schedule provides materials for school students of grades 1-4. In addition, it’s possible to use the materials of Ukrainian distance schools providing free access for everyone to study martial law.

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